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Banners & Flags

Tartan Parade Banner

Lead your clan with pride and distinction. This elegant Tartan Parade Banner is made using your choice of tartan lined with coordinating fabric. Each banner displays a large clan crest and name and measures approximately 26” x 34”. It is hemmed at the top and fastened with velcro tabs down the center of the back to secure the banner to the pole. Pole not included.


Parade Banner Henderson

Vinyl Tartan Parade Banner

This Vinyl Tartan Parade Banner is the perfect solution for inclement weather.  The clan crest and name are printed on waterproof vinyl.  The banner measures approximately 26" x 34" hemmed at the top and fastened with velcro tabs down the center of the back to secure the banner to the pole. Pole not included.






Podium Banner

Drape this banner over the podium at clan meetings or other events or carry in the Parade of Tartans.  This 15" x 30" tartan banner is lined with coordinating fabric and fringed on three sides.  Top is finished with a dowel pocket and extends across podium with weights attached to hold in place.


Price:  $250.00

Podium Banner

Tartan Flag

The 3' x 5' Tartan Flag is a beautiful way to display your tartan and identify your clan at events or at your home or office.  It is custom made using your choice of tartan with a reinforced hem on one side to accommodate the flag pole.  Pole not included.


Tartan Flag

3-Piece Flag Pole

The vertical portion of the 3-Piece Flag Pole comes in 2 pieces that can be screwed together to finish at 5'.  The horizontal portion measures approximately 34" and all 3 pieces are packaged in a canvas storage bag for ease in packing and storing. 


3 piece bannerpole

Pole Carrier

Rest those weary arms! The adjustable web pole carrier is worn around the neck and has a pouch at the bottom to support the flag pole.  Machine washable. This carrier is also a novel way of displaying your game pins. 

Black Only


Pole Carrier

Two-Man-Carry Parade Banner

The Two-Man-Carry Parade Banner is designed to be hung on a horizontal pole and carried by two persons. It is made to your specifications using tartan lined with coordinating fabric and is hemmed both top and bottom to accommodate carrying pole and weight pole. Your clan crest, clan name strip and fringe can be added. These banners can also be used as wall hangings or as palls for closed casket funerals.


Call for pricing based on individual specifications

Large Banner

Vinyl Tartan Tent Banner

This magnificent Vinyl Tartan Tent Banner displaying your clan tartan, crest and name proclaims your presence at any event.  The 18" x 96" banner is made by scanning the actual tartan and crest and printing them directly onto 12-ounce Colley Vinyl with heat-welded seams.  Wind slits are cut every 36" to prevent 'sailing' and grommets are placed every 24" for easy hanging.  The banner is finished with a clear-coat protective coating and carries a 5-year fade-resistant warranty.  With proper care and storage this banner may never have to be replaced. 


Tartan Tent Banner MacGregor