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Clan Crests

Clan Crests (Crest Samples)

The Clan Crest is individually produced using both machine and hand stitching on matching fabric. Metallic and silk threads create vivid representations for use on blazers, banners and flags. We can use the existing crest for your clan or create custom crests from your artwork.

See crest samples by clicking here.

Blazer Size

Blazer Size with Name

Blazer Size with Clutch Pins

3" x 5"

5" x 7"

9" x 12"

12" x 15"








Clan Crest

Clan Name Strips

The Name Strips are embroidered using gold or silver bullion thread on black backing fabric.

3" high letters

4" high letters

"high letters
(each produced individually)

$4.00 per letter

$6.00 per letter

$10.00 per letter

Clan Name Strips

Clan Name Ribbons

The Clan Name Ribbons are embroidered using gold or silver bullion thread on black backing fabric. We offer various widths which are suitable for use on banners, flags, wall hangings or clothing.

Blazer Size

5" wide

8" wide

12" wide





Clan Name Ribbons

Framed Tartan & Crest Wall Hangings

The Framed Tartan and Crest Wall Hangings are suitable for hanging on any wall and come in a variety of sizes. They feature the tartan and crest of your choice.

5" x 7" Stock Frame

8" x 10" Stock Frame

15" x 15" Custom Frame

*16" x 33" Custom Frame

* Panel Only (No Frame)






Cap Panel*The panel in this frame can be removed and used as a casket cap panel.


The Wedding Gift

Honor the bride and groom with a unique Wedding Gift featuring the tartan and crest of each family matted in an 11 " x 14" gold frame which is sure to be kept and passed down for generations.



The Baby Gift

What better way to welcome the newborn than with this special Baby Gift and keepsake that will last a lifetime! This beautiful gift features the clan crest and name mounted on the clan tartan, bearing the newborn's name and birth date in an 8" x 10" gold frame.


baby gift crest