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Funeral Accessories

Cremains Urn

Each Cremains Urn is hand crafted with your clan crest, name and date. Cremain Vessels are available in full size, or in 1//2 or 1/4 size for division of cremains among family members.

Prices start at $300.00.

Please call to discuss your specific needs.

Cremation urn

Cremains Vessel

The specially constructed Cremains Vessel features the clan crest, and plate for name, birth date and death date. These beautiful boxes are available in a variety of styles and woods.

Starting at $200.00


The Pall is a drape to be used for closed casket funerals. It can be made to partially cover or completely cover the casket. It can also be made to use as a wall hanging and passed down from one generation to the next to be used at all family memorial services. Crest, clan name and fringe can be added to the tartan of your choice. Other fabrics available. Please call for quote

Scottish Tartan Pall

Cap Panel, Pillow Cover and Small Casket Drape

The Cap Panel is constructed in a manner to be adjusted for use in almost any casket. It features the tartan and crest of your choice. These can be purchased in advance of need and used as beautiful wall hangings.

A Pillow Cover and Small Casket Drape are also available. The pillow cover and small casket drape are made in the same tartan and self-fringed on all 4 sides and can also be used as table drapes or placed end-to-end for a large table runner. Other fabrics available.

16" x 33" Custom Frame

Panel Only (No Frame)

27" x 36" Pillow Cover

27" x 36" Casket Drape





Tartan Cap Panel

Tartan Cap Panel

Message Panel Package

The Message Panel Package is created in the tartan of your choice and is designed to hang over the side of the casket. This unique accessory provides a way for family and friends to leave personal messages to be read later by the family. Friends may also leave messages during times the family may not be present. Young people especially like to leave mementos of their affection. The panel can be folded with messages intact and placed in the casket or kept by the family. The package includes framed "Messages of Love" sign and notepad. Other fabrics available.

Tartan Fabrics $200.00

Other Fabrics $150.00

Tartan  Message Pannel

Camoflauge Message Pannel

A complete listing of funeral items is available at Eternally You