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Wall Hangings

Framed Tartan & Crest Wall Hangings

Make any space a statement of your heritage with these beautiful Framed Tartan & Crest Wall Hangings that are custom made using your choice of tartan and includes your clan crest and name.  They are available in a variety of sizes to best suit your space.

5" x 7" Stock Frame

8" x 10" Stock Frame

15" x 15" Custom Frame

*16" x 33" Custom Frame

* Panel Only (No Frame)






Tartan Cap Panel*The panel in this frame can be removed and used as a casket cap panel.


Scottish Tartan and Crest

Framed Celtic Symbols

The Celtic Symbols (Thistle and Lion) on these wall hangings are uniquely digitized and the panels are produced using computerized stitching. The colors are carefully selected to accomplish the beautifully shaded pieces. Other designs such as Celtic knots and crosses are also available.

15" x 15"

16" x 33"



Celtic Thistle Symbol

Celtic Lion Symbol

The Wedding Gift

Honor the bride and groom with a unique Wedding Gift featuring the tartan and crest of each family matted in an 11" x 14" gold frame which is sure to be treasured and passed down for generations.


The Wedding Gift

The Baby Gift

What better way to welcome the newborn than with this special Baby Gift and keepsake that will last a lifetime! This beautiful gift features the clan crest and name mounted on the clan tartan, bearing the newborn's name and birth date in an 8" x 10" gold frame.


Scottish Crest Baby Gift

Large Horizontal Banner and Wall Hanging

This Large Horizontal Banner and Wall Hanging is designed to be hung on large walls or to be carried by two persons in parades and events. It offers a dramatic statement of heritage to your office, lodge or home. It is made to your specifications using tartan lined with coordinating fabric and hemmed both top and bottom to accommodate poles for hanging or carrying. Your clan crest, clan name strip and fringe can be added. This banner can also be used as a pall for closed casket funerals. Poles not included.

Call for pricing based on individual specifications

Large Scottish Banner